About Co-ops

What Is a Co-op?

At Door to Door Organics, we make it easy and convenient for people to come together and support healthy eating. Our community and fundraising co-ops give you the power of group buying while maintaining the flexibility of an individual grocery delivery account. Just get four or more boxes delivered to the same location, like a home, school, or office. Everyone chooses their own box size, sets personal preferences, and makes substitutions. Then each member picks up their box at the same location as their co-op buddies.

Community Co-ops

Get four or more friends together to encourage healthy eating and receive a discount for getting the group's boxes delivered to the same location! Each member in your community co-op will receive a $3 discount off their box each week. You’re helping us save on grocery delivery charges, so we pass that savings on to you.

Fundraiser Co-ops

Do you want to raise funds for your child’s school but don’t want them peddling, and eating junk food? We make school fundraising easy—and healthy—with our fundraiser co-op program that donated more than $50,000 to our community’s schools and nonprofits since 2013. Or support your favorite qualifying nonprofit so a portion of sales is donated to that organization. At the end of every month, we’ll send a check directly to the school or organization that equals 10% of your co-op’s box sales.

How to Sign Up

  • Sign up for our organic grocery delivery serviceif you are not already a customer. You will be prompted to enter your personal home address for delivery on those occasional times where your co-op location is not open.
  • Search for a co-op that you would like to join, and request to join it. Invite members and grow your co-op!

Additional Information

We're proud of our co-ops and support them 100%, but unfortunately we've reached our capacity for new co-ops. If you want to participate in our co-op program, please join an already established co-op. We’re currently improving our community support programs, so stay tuned for changes later this year.

Want more information? Please reach out at michigan@doortodoororganics.com or 877-711-3636.

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